Ether Strain


Ether is a rare indica dominant hybrid (70% indica/30% sativa) strain that is a special high potency cut of the infamous Alien Dawg, a cross of Chemdawg X  Alien Technology.

Ether Strain

Ether Strain — also known as the “Ether” cut of Alien Dawg — is an indica-dominant hybrid with potent effects. This distinct phenotype of Alien Dawg was selectively bred by Cali Connection (also the purveyors of Deadhead OG) and has intensely sedative effects. Again Ether is also known for its incredible pungent aroma. Possibly named for the 19th-century nickname for nitrous oxide, or laughing gas.

Ether has a THC content of between 14% and 21%.

THC Content




Ether effects Ether Strain

Reported by real people like you
55% of people report feeling sleepy
33% of people report feeling relaxed
22% of people report feeling happy
Dry mouth
22% of people report feeling dry mouth
Again, Anxious
11% of people report feeling anxious
Besides, Insomnia
33% of people say it helps with insomnia
Also, Stress
33% of people say it helps with stress
33% of people say it helps with anxiety

Specifically, when properly cured, Ether’s flowers give off a fruity berry scent. On closer inspection, there is also a tangy and sour aroma at play, possibly passed on from the Chemdawg in the bud’s background. Besides, Grinding up these flowers gives off some notes of pine that are passed on from parent strain Alien Tech. When it burns, Ether can give off a very thick and acrid smoke that can tickle the palate and sinuses. Thus, On the exhale, this harsh smoke tastes like sour pine. Smokers who want to maintain discretion may want to take some precautions, as these buds can be very pungent.

Ether Strain Info 

Moreover, Because it is not to bring about the sort of deep, analytical thinking that comes with more sativa-inflect strains, Ether is a good option for patients who are prone to panic or paranoia or who have a low tolerance for THC.

Unfortunately for home growers, seeds of Ether are not available for sale online. Instead, those looking to cultivate the strain should obtain clippings of mature plants that can grow as genetically identical “clones.”

While there’s little info available on specific best practices for growing Ether, we know that it can  grow indoors or outdoors in a hot and humid climate.

Equally Important, know that its indica roots suggest short, bushy crops that may require occasional pruning. Feelings of disorienting “mindrace” are rarely reported with Ether — nevertheless, consumers who are prone to panic should consume this potent but with some caution and moderation.


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