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Black Cherry Gelato Strain


Black Cherry Gelato Strain has THC LEVELS: 22%-26% And It’s a 60/40 Indica dominant cross of Black Cherry Funk and Acai. BLACK CHERRY GELATO.

About Black Cherry Gelato

Black Cherry Gelato might be the best dessert strain you’ve ever indulged in, if you can find her. Bred by unknown individuals, this cross between Acai and Black Cherry Funk comes across with an indica-dominant profile that puts up a fight. Robust flavors are plentiful, however actually locating this bud proves to be intensely difficult for most.


THC Content











For most, Black Cherry Gelato takes smokers on a gentle ride through a combination of cerebral and physical effects that are ideal for evening time. Your experience will likely start with a sensation of pure relaxation coupled with euphoria, as your mind will be cleared of all worry and a smile will be plastered to your face.

black cherry gelato
black cherry gelato

In addition, Indica lovers would be thrilled to have Black Cherry Gelato growing in their own backyard, but sadly, no one knows much about how to tend to her at home. Finding nugs of this bud is difficult enough on the retail level, let alone tracking down seeds or clones for personal use. If you do happen to come across the opportunity to grow her yourself, we’d highly recommend consulting with an experienced grower before you do anything else.

Black Cherry Gelato Strain Genetics

Moreover Black Cherry Gelato is a 60/40 Indica-dominant hybrid of Black Cherry Funk and Acai. This strain is one you should consume when you are simply looking to relax. You will get rid of negative thoughts and potentially will drift off to sleep.

Black Cherry Funk is truly funky as you will taste blueberries, cream, and even notes of black licorice. You will definitely be in a haze but extremely happy about it once the high hits. You will drift off to sleep after a while with this strain or if you consume too much.

Again Acai comes from the Gelato family which is known for delicious flavors and potency. You will feel a boost of energy that doesn’t leave you couch-locked and can provide motivation. You can use this strain to boost your spirits if you are having a less than stellar day.

Besides Finding strains that have a similar high but different potencies is amazing and can allow you to manage your consumption.  Finally, Strains that have similar effects to Black Cherry Gelato are Jack Frost and Orange Crush.


1 Ounce, 1/4 Pound, 1/2 Pound, 1 Pound