Honey Buns Cake Cart


Honey Bun Cake Cart, is a potent hybrid. Honey Bun is named after the beloved classic treat because of its extremely sweet and tasty.


Honey Buns Cake Cart

Buy Honey Buns Cake cart an evenly balanced (50/50) Indica/Sativa hybrid bred by Seed Junkie Genetics and Cookies. The parents, Gelatti and Honey B, provide the terpenes that give Honey Buns the bright-tasting mental and physical lightness you’d expect. Breeders have trouble finding seeds on the market and strain information is a little slight. But if you can get your hands on some sticky Honey Buns, you’ll find focused creativity and a vibrant taste to match.

Cake Cart Flavor And Aroma

A Honey Bun is a sweet, spiral-shaped bun, usually with cinnamon, raisins, and nuts, coated with honey or butter and brown sugar. “Honey Bun” is also frequently thrown around as an endearing term for a significant other. Now, it can also be used to refer to this sweet and sticky strain from Cookies. They crossed Gelatti with Honey B to bring us this evenly-balanced balanced hybrid.

Growers who manage to obtain some Honey Buns seeds will want to grow it outdoors – even the plant has a pungent odor that will knock you flat if you keep it cooped up. The plant grows bushy and low to the ground, with a high yield and an equally high growing difficulty. However, the strain is resistant to pests and mold and flowers in 7-9 weeks, if you can hack it. The plant grows in fat buds, like dark olives, with thin hairs and even smaller white trichomes