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Cake Blueberry Cart


Minimum Order : 10 Carts


The Cake Blueberry Cart strain pretty much tastes exactly how you’d think: like straight up blueberries. Much more specifically, it tastes like juicy, ripe blueberries, so it’s a great strain if you are one with a sweet tooth. In addition to its delicious flavor, the Blueberry strain is also for its calming and relaxing high and renown ability to help with neuropathic pain.

Cake Blueberry Cart Cannabis Flavor

As might be expect from Blueberry, the overwhelming taste sensation is one of freshly picked blueberries. But there is a bit more subtlety to the taste of blueberries than you first might think – for instance, blueberries taste different depending on their ripeness, as well as their season.

The taste of Blueberry cannabis is one of the slightly overripe Blueberries, only recently pick.  There is an inherent sweetness that is almost cloying. Similar in a way to when you taste sugar straight from a spoon.

Though the sugary quality of the first taste might seem a bit overwhelming on the palate. the rich. Juicy quality of the blueberries immediately outweighs any problems.