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Order Mind Warp Cake Cart, from mind warp cake strain is 88.39% THC, Pesticide and Metal Tested. buy mind warp cake vape strain online.

Turbo Mind Warp Cake Cart is a hybrid strain by MTG Seeds, who cross parent strains Turbo Diesel and Mendo Mind Warp. As buds bloom, the leaves take on a deep reddish hue and some phenotypes will express colorful pink-purple pistils.

Effects of Mind Warp Cake Cart

This insanely potent bud is  for its mind melting effects that can easily prove to be too much for novice users that is fueled by a THC level that has high as 28%. The high starts with an immediate cerebral punch to the head that gives you instant energy and a euphoric head buzz that numbs the mind warp cart  and leaves it free to wander. Soon, psychedelic effects will overtake you in this state, causing you to fall into a sleepy dreamy state as your mind falls victim to itself.

Medical Benefits

These potent effects and its high THC level make Turbo Mind Warp cake cart Strain, a patient favorite for treating insomnia, nightmares, chronic migraines or headaches, mild to moderate cases of depression, and appetite loss.

Turbo Mind Warp Cake Cart doesn’t waste any time before unveiling its effects. Soon after toking, smokers may experience some strange facial tics like a twitching around the lower forehead and temples. These physical effects are follows up by mental ones. In which users may find their thoughts moving more quickly than usual.

Ideas may seem to take on a new intensity and consumers may be prone to pointing out unexpected or inexplicable connections between seemingly unrelated things. This focused, cerebral mindset can be a great way to harness productivity. Whether you’re working on detailed, analytical tasks or mundane chores like laundry.

Flavor And Aroma

Mind Warp Cake Cart impresses right off the bat with medium-sized but very colorful flowers. These buds have a sativa-inflected internal structure, with long, wispy leaves that twist outward at their margins. These fluffy-looking nugs are a pale shade of sage green. vivid pink pistils. Finally, a dense blanket of translucent white trichomes covers all visible surfaces of Turbo Mind Warp’s chunky flowers.