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Blue Tomyz Strain, from Backpack Boyz family, which also hits very hard with 23-29% THC, Buy Backpack Boyz Blue Tomyz Strain Online

Blue Tomyz Strain Info

Blue Tomyz Strain is an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Cherry Funk X The Acai kush

The high is just as amazing, with lifted and soothing effects that will boost the spirits before helping you settle down for a long and peaceful sleep.

his sense of relaxation will soon spread throughout your entire body, leaving you feeling heavy and sleepy before you finally doze off

Blue Tomyz Strain Genetics

Particularly, the THC: 23% – 29% , With a 50% sativa and 50% indica genetic makeup, the strain is, of course, classified as a hybrid. … In fact, This Strain existence arises from the cross-breeding of two delicious and fragrant strains: Cherry Funk X The Acai strains. (the former being classified as an indica and the latter a sativa).


blue tomyz packaging

We do have a the best packaging system for Blue Tomyz strain online. Our products come in their official backpackboyz packs. It should however be noted that we do not charge for these bags. Thus, prices on our website do not change because of these bags. Doesn’t this sound good?. Yes it does. Then. what are you waiting then to order from us?. Place your orders now.

Backpackboyz Blue Tomyz Strain

Blue Tomyz, is of the weed that comes from the backpackboyz family. This crossing of these two strains has given rise to an exotic, therefore, more potent thank cherry funk and more flavor than The Acai strain. Hence,


While prices vary by city, the average price per gram is $12.0. Strains similar to Tomyz include Italian Ice, Zerbert,  lemon cherry gelato, and guava gelato. This is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain.

Blue Strain Cross

Blue Tomyz is made from crossing the famous Cherry Funk and The Acai strains. (the former being classified as an indica and the latter a sativa).





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