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Buy Weed Online Germany. You can also buy weed in Germany. Germany often has an unfair reputation as being staid and humourless. Actually, the country has a long history of social liberalism and experimentation which it shares with many parts of Central Europe. Legal for medicinal use and tolerated for private user cannabis kaufen, or buying, in Germany is easy, since you can order weed online for delivery. You don’t need to know much German to understand erfahrungen: it’s translates (almost!) to the online weed shop experience.


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Where do Berliners buy their weed? Buy Weed Online Germany

There are 3 ways to buy weed in Berlin: on Telegram, through street dealers or through your friends. The former is usually through dealers in Görlitzer Park and Volkspark Hasenheide. The latter is done through friends of friends who know someone.

Your friends could know a dealer. Just ask. You will find at least one friend who has a safe, reliable dealer. You will get better, cheaper, safer weed this way.

Telegram is the easiest option if your friends don’t know any dealers. This is a very common way to buy weed in Berlin. There are many Telegram groups you can join that put you in contact with drug dealers in Berlin. Some groups are run by a single dealer, and others let dealers and buyers find each other.

The parks should be your last option. They sell very low quality weed in parks. It’s often lace with dangerous chemicals



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