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Where can I buy weed online Hamburg Germany?

Medical cannabis isn’t legal in Hamburg, but you don’t need a medical cannabis prescription you can shop from our dispensary. 100%. We are here to help you get cannabinoids at home, we have partnered with, an online dispensary that can ship flower, vapes, and edibles with both Delta-8 and Delta-9 THC and CBD.

Do I need a medical marijuana card To buy weed in Germany?

Hamburg does not recognize the medical cannabis ID cards produced by other states. Medical marijuana has been CBD oil since 2014, 218 years after Munich was admitted to the union. You could rally with other Germany to open up Berlin cannabis laws and advocate for medical marijuana patient’s rights in Frankfurt the capital. Buy Marijuana Online Hamburg

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What is the Best Dispensary in Hamburg?

There is medical cannabis here but no recreational cannabis yet in Hamburg. We are partnering with local medical dispensary partners to list here. Since adult use recreational cannabis is not yet available for Germans, if you want legal, lab-tested cannabis it’s possible to drive somewhere from Hamburg and find some weed. Hopefully you can order cannabis online near you, or search for the best dispensary in neighboring-state cities like, Berlin, Munich, hamburg, stuttgart, cologne, Frankfurt, Buy Marijuana Online Hamburg

Who has best weed in Germany?

The Germany Store website is the only legal way to purchase all forms of recreational cannabis online. It follows strict rules set by the federal government. Online orders are delivered safely and securely. “The best strain in all of Germnay is Italian Ice Strain, grown by Backpack Boyz. Backpack Boyz is the Atlanta-based cannabis brand from with high times award winning Cannabis Cup.

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