Backpack Boyz Long Beach

Backpack Boyz Long Beach

Backpack Boyz long beach is a new dispensary that recently opened up near my home in Long Beach. I decided to check it out after not visiting a dispensary for a while. Like many dispensaries, they only accept cash, but there is an ATM inside for convenience.

Backpack Boyz long beach Strains

Backpack Boyz, a popular cannabis brand, is known for their high-quality Cake Mintz strain. This strain is a cross between oreoz and Italian Ice Strain, and is highly sought after for its strong citrus scent and exceptional quality. Many consider Bumpy to be the flagship strain of Backpack Boyz, and it is widely regarded as some of the best flower available from the brand.

About The Brand Backpack Boyz

Backpack Boyz Long Beach offers a safe and convenient location for Medicinal and Adult Recreational marijuana patients and clients. With 24-hour security and surveillance, you can feel secure while visiting our location. Our friendly staff welcomes individuals from all around the world and is dedicated to providing a positive experience for all. Plus, we offer ample parking for your convenience.

Where is Backpack Boyz From?

The birthplace of the legendary Snoop Dogg strain, Uncle Snoop. At Backpack Boyz you will find that we carry a vast variety of the highest quality exotic cannabis brands and strains! Here you will be greeted by our knowledgeable friendly staff, who will cater to your canna needs!!! When you are here, you are family. Be sure to ask our tenders about new drops and daily specials! We are here to serve you quality cannabis with pristine customer service!!!

Backpack Boyz Long Beach
Backpack Boyz Long Beach

The founder, Quesada, sought legal advice and paid a lawyer $4200 to set up a Prop 215 delivery service. Within a month, Quesada received a binder confirming his legal status, and thus, Backpack Boyz was born. Today, the brand is known for its high-quality cannabis products and has gained a loyal following in the industry.

Who is the CEO of Backpack Boyz?

Luc Carlin on LinkedIn: BackPack Boyz Owner on IMPORTANCE of the New York Market. Fahim Aziz – Founder & CEO @ Backpack – Crunchbase Person Profile.

Backpack Boyz long beach Review
  • One brand representative for Ember Valley was there and offered a deal of buying an 1/8th of their flower, we get 1/2oz of their pre-ground flower for $1. So worth it. The rep was also knowledgeable of multiple other products and gave her opinion on would be best for my S.O. Body aches and restless legs. She also gave us two lighters, three rolling papers, and a rolling tray. 10/10 recommend her.
  • We also bought some Wyld gummies and Canavis syrup. Which also had a deal for buy one get one for $1. We were able to get a 5% discount for subscribing to their YouTube channel. In the end, I spent $151 + tip but enjoyed my experience.
  • After driving away, we checked our order and realized that they gave us the wrong flower and went back and they changed it right away. Other than that, I will be coming back
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